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Downloading and Installing the Seaplane CLI

The Seaplane CLI tool is the go-to way to run your workloads on the Seaplane Global Network and interact with our public APIs. The first step is to download the tool, which is a single static binary, from our Github release page.

The Seaplane CLI tool is supported on both x86_64, and arm64 for Linux and macOS, as well as x86_64 Windows. Make sure you download the appropriate archive for your system. This guide uses a macOS variant.

To extract and install the CLI from the Downloads directory, replace $ARCH and $VERSION with whichever architecture and version you downloaded from the release page (or simply copy over the filename) then execute the command that matches your operating system:

  • For macOS use sudo unzip ./seaplane-$VERSION-$ -d /usr/local/bin/.
  • For Linux, use sudo tar xzf ./seaplane-$VERSION-$ARCH.tar.gz -C /usr/local/.

You'll need to replace $ARCH and $VERSION with whichever architecture and version you downloaded from the release page.

$ cd ~/Downloads
$ sudo unzip ./seaplane-$VERSION-$ -d /usr/local/bin/

We can double check that it worked by typing seaplane, which should display a help message similar to the one below.

It's okay if the help message looks a little bit different on your machine, we're constantly iterating and working to improve our products!

$ seaplane
seaplane v0.1.0 (f9f6dedab8)
Seaplane IO, Inc.


-A, --api-key <STRING> The API key associated with a Seaplane account used to access Seaplane API endpoints [env: SEAPLANE_API_KEY]
--color <COLOR> Should the output include color? [default: auto] [possible values: always, ansi, auto, never]
-h, --help Print help information
--no-color Do not color output (alias for --color=never)
-q, --quiet Suppress output at a specific level and below
-v, --verbose Display more verbose output
-V, --version Print version information

account Operate on your Seaplane account, including access tokens [aliases: acct]
flight Operate on Seaplane Flights (logical containers), which are the core component of Formations
formation Operate on Seaplane Formations
help Print this message or the help of the given subcommand(s)
init Create the Seaplane directory structure at the appropriate locations
shell-completion Generate shell completion script files for Seaplane