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Registry Authentication


This document outlines how to authenticate yourself with the Seaplane Container Registry (SCR). The SCR is required to use Seaplane Managed Global Compute (MGC).

To log in, you need Docker installed and running on your machine. If you don't have Docker installed already, you can always download the latest version from the Docker website.

Before you can upload your images, you need to log in to the SCR, which you can do through Docker. First, in your working directory, create a new txt file and name it seaplane-api-key.txt. Then, copy your Seaplane API key (which you can find in the API Keys section of Flightdeck) and paste it into seaplane-api-key.txt.

Once you've created your txt file and copied over your Seaplane API key, you can use the command below to log in to the SCR via Docker.

cat seaplane-api-key.txt | docker login \
-u docker \

Once you've logged in successfully, you should receive a Login Succeeded message. Now you should be ready to use the SCR and start flying with Seaplane!