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Image Management

This document explains how to use the Seaplane Container Registry (SCR) to upload and manage images for use with Seaplane Managed Global Compute (MGC)

Uploading images

Follow the steps below to build, tag, and push your images to the SCR, but don't forget to log in before following along! You can read more about SCR authentication here.

Building images

To build your image, use the command below — making sure to replace <app-name> with your actual application name.

docker buildx build --platform linux/amd64 -t <app-name> .
Build your images for X86!
ARM-based images are not currently supported on Seaplane. If you are working on an ARM-based system like an M1 Mac, you need to build the image using X86 architecture by adding `--platform linux/amd64`.

Tagging images

To tag your image, use the command below. This time you'll need to replace both <tenant-id> with your tenant ID and <app-name> with your application name. You can find your tenant ID under the Tenants section in Flightdeck.

docker tag <app-name><tenant-id>/<app-name>

Pushing images

To push your tagged image to the SCR, use the command below. Depending on the size of your image, this might take a bit so give it a few minutes. Don't forget to eplace <tenant-id> with your tenant ID and <app-name> with your application name.

docker push<tenant-id>/<app-name>

With your image successfully pushed to the SCR you are now ready to deploy it on Seaplane!