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Base64 Encoding

Seaplane requires you to encode (and decode) any values used for keys, values, or directories in all of the Seaplane Global Coordination Services (Metadata Key-Value Store and Locks). Most Seaplane interfaces, such as the SDKs and CLI, have built-in encoders and decoders.

  • Python SDK - Automatically encodes and decodes values.
  • CLI - Automatically encodes values. Decoding is available through the --decode or -D flag.

If you are using the API directly — for instance through cURL — you are responsible for encoding and decoding values.

The default Perl install on most Linux and Mac OS machines have built-in support for base64 encoding and decoding. You can use the following two functions for any cURL examples on the Seaplane documentation site.

function encode {
perl -MMIME::Base64=encode_base64url -ne 'print encode_base64url($_),"\n"'

function decode {
perl -MMIME::Base64=decode_base64url -ne 'print decode_base64url($_),"\n"'