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Coordination Directories

Available through: CLI, Python SDK, Rust SDK, API

Directories are important tools for controlling the global behaviour of information in all of the Seaplane Global Coordination Services. You can use directories to set up business rules to restrict data to a geographical area or specific provider.

Creating Directories

To create a directory, prepend the directory name and a / to your key or lock name. For example:

  • my-directory/my-key automatically creates the my-directory directory.
  • eu/my-eu-key automatically creates the eu directory.
  • aws/my-aws-key automatically creates the aws directory.

Directories by themselves are nothing more than a way to sort your data. They contain no information about data location or providers used. You can read more about how to apply restrictions to a directory in coordination restrictions.

Nested Directories

The Seaplane Global Coordination Services support the use of nested directories. Similar to adding a directory to your existing key-value pair, you can add nested directories by prepending your directory with another directory name and /. For example:

  • my-directory/my-nested-directory/my-key automatically creates my-nested-directory inside my-directory.
  • eu/ams/my_key automatically creates the ams directory inside the eu directory.
  • us/ca/sjc/my_keys automatically creates the sjc directory inside the ca directory inside the us directory.

You can create multiple nested directories in one line (as long as you stay below 128 bytes total key size!).