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Metadata Key-Value Store Intro

Available through: CLI, Python SDK, Rust SDK, API

The Seaplane Metadata Key-Value Store (Metadata KVS) coordinates the activities of your global application’s component parts. It is a distributed, reliable key-value store with strong consistency guarantees. The Metadata KVS works by setting and reading keys and values, like a simple database or dictionary data structure. The Metadata Key-Value Store stores any data you'd like up, to 1 MB per record.

What are key-value pairs​

Key-value pairs are the combination of a key and a value stored in the Metadata KVS. The key is used to query the Metadata KVS to retrieve, change, set or delete the value. You can store anything you'd like in the key, up to a maximum of 128 bytes. You can store anything you'd like in the value, up to a maximum of 1MB.

The keys support the use of directories. You can add a new directory by prepending the key with your directory name. For example, my-directory/my-key automatically creates the directory called my-directory. For more information about directories, see Coordination directories.


The Metadata KVS supports the use of provider and location restrictions. For more information, see coordination restrictions.