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Throughout the Seaplane documentation, you will find references to regions. Where traditional cloud providers require you to pick a region for deployment Seaplane works the other way around. By default your application - whether that is compute, data or anything else on top of the Seaplane network - is deployed globally. Regions are used to create restrictions and limit where workloads run.

The regions are based on ISO 3166 alpha-2 continent codes with a few additions to capture regulatory differences along with some more intuitive or common aliases. The currently supported mappings are:


The command line interface (CLI) supports both the alpha-2 codes and all aliases, the API only supports the alpha-2 codes.

Full NameAlpha-2 CodeAlias 1Alias 2
People's Republic of ChinaXCPRCPeoplesRepublicofChina
North AmericaXNNAmericaNorthAmerica
South AmericaXSSAmericaSouthAmerica
The UKXUUKUnitedKingdom