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This document describes how to connect to Seaplane Managed Global SQL (MGSQL). You can get access to MGSQL by signing up here.

Postgress CLI authentication

Managed Global SQL supports the standard login protocol of the Postgress CLI. For instructions on how to install the Postgresql client see To connect with MGSQL run the following command in your terminal on any machine that has the Postgress CLI installed:

 psql -h -U <USERNAME> -d <DATABASE>

Replace <USERNAME> with your username and <DATABASE> with your database. Enter your password in the prompt that follows. serves as the single entry point for MGSQL and routes you to the closests available node. MGSQL automatically optimizes node placement based on end-user traffic patterns and your business rules.

Using Other Interfaces

Seaplane Managed Global SQL supports any interface that supports the standard Postgress protocol. You can use the information below to connect.

usernameyour username
passwordyour password
databaseyour database name