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Before you deploy

If You’ve Never deployed on Seaplane Before there are some things to consider before you deploy. Things like local data regulations, cost, and provider restrictions.

Compute Terminology

This document describes the various terms used throughout Seaplane and the associated CLI/SDK.

Getting Started With Compute

This guide will walk through running your first workload on Seaplane. We've structured this guide with increasingly complex (read: real-world ) examples.

Getting Started with the Seaplane Metadata Key-Value Store

The Seaplane Metadata Key-Value Store allows you to coordinate the activities of the different parts of your Seaplane application that are running all over the world. It is a distributed, reliable key-value store with strong consistency guarantees, accessible using a REST API.

Guarantees and reasoning about your locks

Distributed locks suffer from many of the issues of distributed systems in general, especially around time. What can you say about your locks then? If you acquire a 100s lock, you may think you could start a timer in your program and know that you have exclusive access to the protected resource for 100s; however, there’s more to the story than that.

Locks Intro

The Seaplane Locks service gives you access to easy-to-use, distributed, advisory locks for use in your applications, whether they're running on Seaplane or not.

Welcome 👋

Whether you’re a scaling startup or an established enterprise, it's quick and easy to launch global applications with Seaplane. While we are currently in a closed beta, if you have a project in mind please reach out — we'd love to work with you!