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Version: 0.3.94

SDK Installation

This document describes how to download, install and setup the Seaplane SDK. If you want to quickly get started, have a look at the quick start guide instead.

Seaplane requires Python 3.10 or higher. To avoid dependency conflicts we recommend you set up a virtual environment. You can create virtual environments using venv or Conda.

python3 -m venv my-seaplane-project
source my-seaplane-project/bin/activate

You can learn more about virtual environments in the venv or Conda documentation.

With your virtual environment activated, run the following command to install the Seaplane SDK. This installs both the Seaplane package as well as the Seaplane CLI tool.

pip3 install seaplane

After installing, run seaplane --help to confirm the installation was successful and to show the available commands.

The Seaplane CLI supports the following commands.

  • build - Builds an application when executed inside a Seaplane project directory.
  • deploy - Deploys an application when executed inside a Seaplane project directory.
  • destroy - Destroy an application i.e delete all cloud infrastructure associated with this application with the exception of persistent data stores.
  • init - Initialize a new Seaplane project.
  • version - Returns the current version of the Seaplane CLI and package.