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Version: 0.6.0

Application Status

Seaplane comes with a status command for basic application observability. The status command returns information about the application, its tasks and the number of messages flowing through them.

You can access the status information by running the following command inside a seaplane project root directory.

seaplane status

How to use the status data for debuggingโ€‹

The status command provides you with basic debug information about your running application and its associated tasks. There are a few ways this can help you debug issues in your application.

  1. Ensuring your tasks are running. The information provided in the Status column, lets you know if and how many replicas are running for each task in your app.
  2. Messages in can be used to ensure your task is properly reading output from the upstream tasks.
  3. Messages out can be particularly helpful to debug applications. If a task is not producing any output messages you likely have a bug in your code in that particular task. Once you identify the broken task, you can dive deeper by looking at the log of that specific task using the plane flow log <task-name> command. Read more about the viewing logs here.